Inc! by Daniel Incandela

Life, leadership, marketing & everything from surrealism to sparkling water.

Welcome to Inc!, a monthly newsletter written by me, Daniel Incandela. I’ll be covering a diverse range of topics, specifically curated for you. A few of my roles include being a father, husband, mentor, and a Chief Marketing Officer. I’m also a creative and strategic thinker, with more than 20 years of digital and marketing leadership experience across the museum, motorsport, and software industries. 

My hope with Inc! is that you’ll look forward to receiving something monthly from me. I hope you laugh. I hope you find it interesting. And I hope you think it’s worth reading the next installment…and the ones after that too. 

The first issue is slowly coming together. I would be honored if you subscribed.

And in the meantime, please tell your friends! Thank you.